EAA Winter School

A "Winter School" for young acousticians will be organized and sponsored by EAA during the days before the Conference. The  Winter School will be held at the Kurhaus (venue of the Conference).
and DEGA will cosponsor the event.
Included is also a sponsored social program with get-togethers, evening events and a lot of opportunities of “student meets expert”.

The online-registration form is the same as for the conference; see registration.

A detailed program can be found here (PDF).

Coordinators: Kristian Jambrosic, Luigi Maffei, and Michael Vorländer


1. "Approaching Acoustics" course (max 100 participants, no registration fee, free hotel accommodation for 3 nights: Thurs. 14/03 in, Sunday 17/03 out).

Start Friday 15/03/2013 at 8:30 and end Sunday 17/03/2013 at 15:00.

The course is reserved for undergraduate students in the third year or for students in a Master program.
Acoustic fundamentals are briefly illustrated, and various fields of applications related to job profiles are introduced (Hearing, Measurements, Acoustic materials, Noise control, Room acoustics, Sound Design, Underwater Sound, Ultrasound, Musical Acoustics).

Teachers will be: Michael Vorländer, Steven van der Par, Peter Svensson, Paolo Bonfiglio, Joachim Scheuren, Martijn Vercammen, Klaus Genuit, Michael Taroudakis, Juan Gallego


Please note:

The deadline for pre-registering for the "Approaching acoustics" course is 1 December 2012.

The final list of the Approaching acoustics course participants will be announced on 20 December 2012 to all who registered.

2. Five parallel courses on "Hot Topics in Acoustics" (max 20-30 participant/course, participant must register at the Conference at the specific registration fees).

Start Saturday 16/03/2013 at 8:30 and end Sunday 17/03/2013 at 15:00.

The courses are reserved to PhD students and young researchers (under 40 years old) that are already involved in acoustics studies.

Hot Topics - Course A
Title: Cutting Edge in Spatial Audio
Didactic organizer: Franz Zotter
Lectures on:

  • Acoustic models of spatial hearing  and localization including height
  • Neurological processing of spatial hearing in our brain and parametric spatial audio
  • Spherical array processing for the decomposition of spatial sound
  • Sound field analysis using distributed microphone array networks
  • Spatial sound synthesis with loudspeakers
  • Psychoacoustic experiments with loudspeaker-based virtual acoustics

Teachers: Piotr Majdak, Ville Pulkki, Craig Jin, Maurizio Omologo, Sascha Spors, Florian Völk

Hot Topics - Course B
Title: Computational Acoustics
Didactic organizers: Andrew Peplow, Martin Ochmann
Lectures on:

  • Perspectives of acoustical FEM and BEM hot topics
  • Non-matching grid techniques for acoustical FEM
  • Waveguide finite elements
  • New Green's functions for BEM
  • Special applications of BEM in flow acoustics

Teachers: Manfred Kaltenbacher, Elisabetta Manconi, Martin Ochmann, Andrew Peplow, Rafael Piscoya

Hot Topics - Course C*
Title: Synergies between Environmental Noise Control and Soundscape Approach
Didactic organizer: Jian Kang
Lectures on:

  • Basic concepts in environmental noise control and soundscapes
  • Soundscape framework
  • Auditory cognition and soundscape
  • Standards applicable to soundscape studies
  • Health inclusive - why?
  • The soundscape approach as a tool for the environmental assessment of new large scale projects
  • Practical soundscape examples

Teachers: Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp, Jian Kang, Dick Botteldooren, Truls Gjestland, Peter Lercher, Luigi Maffei, José Luis Bento Coelho, Max Dixon, Lisa Latvia

* this course is sponsored by COST TD-0804 "Soundscape of European Cities and Landscapes"

Hot Topics - Course D
Title: Understanding Musical Instruments in Theory and Praxis
Didactic organizer: Malte Kob
Lectures on:

  • Generation, propagation and perception of music instruments
  • Wind instruments: Function, sound analysis, impedance measurements
  • String instruments: Function, sound analysis, modal analysis
  • Voice: Function, sound analysis, voice quality

Teachers: Wilfried Kausel, Lamberto Tronchin, Malte Kob

Hot Topics - Course E*.
Title: Introduction to Aeroacoustics
Didactic organizer: Yves Auregan
Lectures on:

  • Introduction to Fluid dynamic and Aeroacoustics
  • Aeroacoustics for confined low Mach number flows
  • Linear Aero‐acoustic models and Whistling
  • Measuring techniques
  • Noise from turbulence, jet noise
  • Introduction to the noise of Rotating machines

Teachers: Christophe Schram, Sjoerd Rienstra,  Mats Abom, Yves Auregan, Hans Bodén
* this course is sponsored by ITN Marie Curie "Silent Air Flows in transport, buildings and power generation - FlowAirS"